Ah, the new year has descended upon us; and with it comes new opportunities and a fresh start. More often than not, we fool ourselves into thinking we can actually accomplish our personal new year’s resolutions. But they hardly ever change: I’m going to start exercising, I’m going to quit sugar or smoking, I’m going to save more money. Yet we hardly ever succeed in making them happen.

These resolutions are stale and boring, which sets us up for disaster.

This year, why not give your personal goals some grace and set your sights on accomplishing some business goals instead – like increasing your connections, or growing your following?

We’ve compiled a list of five social media marketing new year’s resolutions you can accomplish in 2019:

1. Interact with your audience

If you’re wondering how you can get your audience to interact with you, you’ve already failed. The trick is for you to interact with them. As a professional account, many formative moments come from responding to your audience promptly and naturally. This differentiates you from a bot. An easy way to do this is to use wit. But tread lightly – you still want people to take you seriously.

2. Be consistent

There is truth in the age-old saying “consistency is key”. Especially on social media. In order to keep up a following, feed or personality, you have to do just that – keep it up. Make use of a social schedule or routine to relieve the pressure of posting often. Be sure that this schedule is attainable and realistic, though. It’s better to post consistently once a week, than four times a week followed by two weeks of silence.

3. Make use of links

A very good way to intertwine your business with your social accounts is to make use of links. Product-based businesses are able to share new products directly from their website and not necessarily list it as an ad. Links are super useful and can direct your audience to your other platforms, such as your website or business pages. Use links when necessary and try to fashion them towards a mobile audience.

4. Gain insight

This is an easy goal to attain in 2019. Each social media platform now includes an insight section for you to measure engagement. Don’t forget to use this handy tool! Make it a habit to measure which posts garnered the most engagement, or created the most leads on your website. It’ll be easier to build a social schedule based on posts you know work for your business.

 5. Be real

Lastly, remember to actually enjoy building your accounts. It’s an extension of who you are as a person. It doesn’t always have to be perfect – people respond well to people, warts and all. Be transparent and if you feel like posting a pic of your ice-cream without a filter, do it. As long as you’re not offending anyone or placing your brand in jeopardy, you might as well hit that ‘send’ button!

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