Written by Daniella Pallotta, Content Creator for Chericoll Consulting


Did you know that by 2022, online videos will make up over 80% of all consumer traffic? And that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year? Even more compelling is that 6 out of 10 people now prefer watching online videos over television (Source: Biteable).

This is why Chericoll Consulting now offers video editing services for website and social media pages – so you can engage with your audience in an even more memorable, visually interesting, and effective way.

Five reasons consumers favour video:
If you haven’t considered online video marketing campaigns yet, here are some of the reasons why communicating and engaging through video is a must for your business strategy, and how to ensure your video gets those likes – and a lot of them:

  1. Short and sweet
    Social media is being flooded with new information every minute. The first few seconds of your video count the most as they are the deciding factor between a viewer watching the video to the end or scrolling onto the next. By posting a short and exciting video that grabs people’s attention, viewers are encouraged to see it through to the finish.
  2. Emphasize quality, not quantity
    Luckily, smartphones these days are extremely useful when it comes to filming video footage. You don’t need to invest millions into fancy camera equipment, as long as you take your lighting and surroundings into consideration. Filming your videos in landscape mode will also be to your advantage, as it is more professional and easier to edit. In terms of frequency, aim to post three to four videos a month. Too many videos can become overwhelming for your audience (unless you have something particularly interesting to say) and too few leave your page looking inactive.
  3. Consider your target market
    This will directly affect the style and tone of your videos. For example, Instagram tends to attract a younger audience, while Facebook is used by people of all ages. Your business should reflect its policies and values in the videos posted, but simultaneously take into consideration who you are targeting.
  4. Find commonality in your videos
    Create a running theme or colour scheme throughout your videos to make your page look more cohesive and professional. It is also pleasing to the eye when videos link to one another stylistically. Make sure your videos begin and end the same way each time, either through the use of your logo, slogan or jingle.
  5. Have a strong call-to-action
    It would be redundant to post a video without it driving your audience to interact with it and potentially invest in your product. Ensure that you always keep the consumer in mind when creating content. Include social media handles, website links, and any other information viewers may need after watching your video so as to be pointed in the right direction.

We can assist you with the rest!

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