Independent consultants are agencies’ new best friends

Written by Melinda Collins

We go by many names: Freelancers, consultants, contractors, independent specialists….
Whatever name you may call us, it’s clear that more and more companies are considering the services of freelancers.

In a press release by Upwork, the world’s largest freelancing website, company CEO Stephane Kasriel stated that traditional hiring models aren’t agile enough for businesses anymore. “With 55 million Americans freelancing, businesses are thinking beyond archaic Industrial Era-approaches and turning towards flexible hiring to get work done.”

In South Africa, the freelance industry is also steadily growing. In a Bizcommunity interview with Laura Rawden, SAFREA’s chair, she said that freelancing is now seen as the ‘future of work’. “The traditional 9-5 just isn’t working for those of us in media.” She continues to say that especially in SA, the freelance market is growing with “many highly skilled and incredibly experienced professionals, so it’s getting more competitive – in a good way.”

At Chericoll Consulting, we really believe in the value that the right freelancers can bring to a business. There are a few reasons why hiring an independent consultant may just be exactly what your business needs.

Don’t believe me? Here are four reasons why.

Specialised Knowledge

One of the biggest reasons why independent consultants are a sought-after resource is because of their specialised skills and knowledge in niche fields. When your business needs specialised skills that are unavailable within the company, a consultant may be just the solution that you need. Consultants are usually fairly senior and have more than 10 years of experience in their industries.

Hiring a specialised consultant may be a lot more sensible than hiring a full-time senior employee when you don’t have the budget, or if the project doesn’t warrant a full-time employee. By utilising the skills of a freelancer, you receive the benefit and expertise of a senior person without the extra expenses such office space, equipment, software etc. There is also no training period, which definitely makes it a win-win situation.


Working with a consultant also gives you a lot of flexibility. You can determine the amount that you are willing to spend per month and the consultant can advise you on how much you will be able to get out with your budget.

With such an arrangement, it protects your business; there is a lot more leeway with fluctuating workloads than a full-time position. You can also hire a consultant for a specific project or job, knowing that there is no issue with layoffs after the project is finished. And with this flexibility also comes efficiency and productive use of time, as most freelancers work on an hourly basis.


Consultants are masters of efficiency; they have to be, otherwise, their freelancing career won’t last for long. As mentioned previously, they don’t have to be trained and you don’t lose precious time trying to get them ready for the job. It is their responsibility to understand the space they are working in as they were hired for the project based on their skill set.

Consultants also usually have contacts in a broad range of services relating to their niche. If you need them to incorporate various elements of their field into the work they are required to do, you can rest assured that they are supported by a network of experts.

An objective eye

Sometimes you need someone who is objective about your business. When you have been staring at the same problem for too long, it may feel like it is impossible to solve. An outside consultant can come in with fresh eyes, be objective, and give you a new perspective on things. Hiring someone from the outside gives you a new take on your business and prevents processes and ideas from stagnating.

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