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KD Strategies, founded by Kalnisha Singh, is a boutique advisory firm with a solid foundation built on sustainability, shared-value and economic transformation. For this inspiring consultancy, we assist with social media content, video editing, and writing articles. For uplifting, thought-provoking content, follow KD Strategies here.

Tricia Jones – Social Media


Tricia Jones - Social Media As most little girls do, Tricia had often dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and changing the world – one fishy at a time. But alas, she soon realised that if she was going to have a real impact, it would have to be through effecting change at the top of the food chain. After earning her stripes in the corporate space, she decided to go at it alone. Her adventure started by finding some unsuspecting characters who would be willing to let her analyse their challenges, cut through the clutter to identify the root of

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