We were approached by the owners of the Seeplaas venue, set along the Garden Route, to give their website copy a revamp that would suit the breathtaking views and living spaces that Seeplaas offers. The rooms have all been designed to complement the natural surroundings, whilst encapsulating a comfortable harmony between natural craftmanship and modern coastal chic. Seeplaas offers serene accommodation, a seasonal restaurant, gift shop, art gallery and events venue for that perfect wedding or social gathering. Have a look at the new website here.

Real Draught Beer Co.


The Real Draught Beer Co. was started by craft beer enthusiasts that wanted to flood the market with artisanal beer by making it more accessible to those with a heart for hops. Why? Because at Real Draught Beer Co., we believe that every beer lover deserves the absolute best that is available. Whether you’re a craft beer novice and want to impress your friends at your next get-together or an expert that is passionate about everything related to pints, you’ve arrived at the right online watering hole. Link to website

BWD Blog Posts


Chatbots: New Writing Opportunities For Copywriters? Talkbots. Chatterbots. IM bots. Also known as chatbots, these computer programs are growing in popularity in customer service and information acquisition. Why? Because, with the ability to believably simulate human conversation, more and more brands are considering this technology. While algorithms are definitely involved in writing the responses for the bots, humans are still needed to put together the phrases and ensure the all-important human element. Instead of seeing these bots as a threat, copywriters should view this emerging trend as an opportunity. Without the brain and heart of writers, interactions would be

Blaque Partners – Website


Blaque Partners - Website Finding the right life partner can be challenging and frustrating. The other half has to share the same values, passions, and priorities. The same is true for corporate partnerships. Unfortunately, businesses don’t have the luxury of time to go through an extensive courting process to eliminate the wrong fits. As a 100% black women-owned consultancy, Blaque Partners understands the importance of finding the right partnerships. This is why they created a pioneering service to grow and ensure entrepreneurial empowerment across South Africa. Link to website

IntegriSure – Newsletter


IntegriSure - Newsletter IntegriSure offers specialised short-term insurance cover for responsible individuals and their businesses, as well as a wide range of value-adding products. They are one of South Africa’s fastest-growing financial services providers – known for designing their own products, administering their own claims and providing an excellent end-to-end experience, from sales through service to claims. Link to newsletter

Hey Gorgeous Skincare – Blog Article


Hey Gorgeous Skincare - Blog Article Hey Gorgeous creates gorgeous skin, body and bath care products made from organic, natural and choice ingredients. Their products are unashamedly chemical & cruelty free. In this blog post, Chericoll Consulting focused on the benefits of shea butter and why Hey Gorgeous’s shea-butter based rosehip and rosemary night cream received three thumbs up from three generations. Link to article