Middle-brain thinking that fuses logic with creativity.

Left-brained people are creative and imaginative but can’t be organised and deadline-driven.
On the other hand, right-brained people can be logical and business-orientated but struggle to be intuitive and artistic.

Right? Wrong.
At Chericoll Consulting, we agree with experts like Ted-Ed educator Elizabeth Waters that the ‘either-or’ mindset is a myth and that:

  • Creatives can be perfectionists
  • Logical people can be inventive
  • Big thinking can go hand-in-hand with timely delivery

Imagination doesn’t have to come at the cost of being scatter-brained. Innovation doesn’t have to be chaotic.
Boundary-breaking creativity can be based on strategic thinking.

This is why we promise ‘middle-brain’ thinking at Chericoll Consulting. With us, you have the best of both sides of the brain.

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