Once upon a timeline.

Chericoll Consulting’s story starts in 2013 with Cherise Collins, a brand-enthusiast who felt it was time to leave the familiarities of the corporate world and brave the unknown of freelancing. After learning a few hard but valuable lessons, partnering with like-minded independent individuals, and navigating through the challenges and triumphs of being a South African entrepreneur, Chericoll Consulting was established.

We offer our clients a balanced way of thinking because we don’t believe clients should comprise – creativity doesn’t have to offset by chaos, innovation shouldn’t compromise deadlines, and order isn’t an implication that work will be unoriginal.

Clients deserve both sides of the coin for their budgets, which is why we offer a balanced approach in thinking, implementation, and execution. This is why our clients have come to expect a talent for creativity, excitement for everything related to brands, a sincere love for strategic thinking, as well as client service that is organised, friendly, and deadline-orientated.