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2809, 2018

5 Areas in your Brand that need a Spring Clean

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September is the month that usually marks big change in our calendars. New leaves and flowers make their appearance, while people also look to cleaning up. Cosy winter wardrobes are shifted to the back of closets, women lighten their hair and people tend to change things up. Our businesses and

208, 2018

Females in Freelancing

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The Southern African Freelancers’ Association (SAFREA) has released new insights into the South African freelance landscape through its 2017-2018 SA Media Freelance Industry and Rates Report. The report states that SA’s freelance media sector is dominated by women; a whopping 67% of local freelancers are female. We decided to

1904, 2018

Why social media is a must for every business

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There is a bigger chance that you skipped breakfast today than you skipped social media. For many, logging into their social media accounts is a daily activity that they can’t live without. The mere thought of entering a Wi-Fi-free zone leaves them cold at the thought of missing something

1903, 2018

Apps that take the frustration out of freelancing

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Written by Carla Mouton, Copywriter Freelancing can be challenging for various reasons. What makes it particularly difficult is the lack of a support and specialist network, such as a finance, HR and IT department. This means that freelancers usually don’t have all the tools and people available to them

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