Written by Daniella Pallotta, Content Creator for Chericoll Consulting

With 2020 well underway, new social media trends have emerged that brands need to keep up with. This means that staying relevant can be a challenge, as these marketing game-changers keep evolving. One way to stay relevant and ‘on track’ is through the latest app in the playing field known as Tik Tok. The video-sharing app has gained momentum over the past 2 years, especially among Gen Z-users, and was only being used for short, amusing clips… Until now.

Companies worldwide have hopped onto the bandwagon by using the ever-growing site to post short (but relatable) content that not only appeals with humour but also draws users into their brand. But what makes this platform different to Instagram? Or Facebook? Or Twitter?

An important difference is that Tik Tok only accommodates video posts. There is no space for images or long-winded tirades. However, the trends move fast – very fast – so it’s crucial to stay active in order to keep up with what’s what. It’s also good to note that on Tik Tok, individuals and brands don’t take themselves too seriously. The popular American-based fast-food chain, Chipotle, is an example of one business that has used Tik Tok very effectively. They create engaging challenges for their fans but still indirectly advertises their brand in a unique and fun way.

Ticking all the boxes
If the younger generations are your target audiences, then Tik Tok is the app for you. Although its advertising business is still in its early stages, this app has made satirical, humour advertising both authentic and entertaining.

Another reason to check out Tik Tok is for its video editing tools. The app has created a platform for its users to practice easy-to-edit techniques, which result in punchy and creative clips. It has a variety of elements to choose from, including overlays, transition effects, filters, playback speeds, text options, and sounds. It is important to remember, though, that the videos showcase a Tik Tok watermark in the corner of the clip, so unless you’re only planning on using these videos for social media purposes, we suggest not editing through the app itself.

While Tik Tok is one way to keep with the times because of its popularity and relevancy worldwide, it attracts a very specific generation, making it a very appealing and relevant medium for brands that need to resonate with younger audiences. Personalisation in an always-on digital world can be challenging, so brands need to be brave and embrace platforms such as these to ensure they reach audiences in a way that resonates – and entertains!

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